Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmanuel...God With Us

Belinda Kersey 
written December 2002

His Word
Matthew 1:23 “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel” (which means “God with us”).

The Song
God With Us by MercyMe

My Thoughts
The words I am sharing today are from our family Christmas letter from 2002.  It was the year after I was diagnosed with MS and the year I became wheelchair dependent.  It had been a rough year but we had learned the meaning of "Emmanuel, God with us".  

We have learned the meaning of His name over the past year.  January brought crippling fatigue and negative changes in my health. Our church family provided meals, love and encouragement, my dear mother gave the gift of cleaning, ...God with us!  February brought a nasty fall and a Royal Ranger friend felt led to send a wheelchair the day I was going to need one...God with us!!  There was progression in the disease that resulted in a hospital stay and the words from the neurologist that I may have the rare form of MS and I might not improve, our church family and many others prayed and quick and miraculous improvement came...God with us

March brought an extended stay in rehab and some improvement came and many friends visited and helped the time pass...God with us!  My wonderful in-laws moved here to keep the home fires burning...God with us!  Changes to our home were needed to accommodate my new life in a wheelchair and our family, many friends from church and Royal Rangers built a new beautiful bath and dressing room...God with us!  The decision was made that I could not return to work but God provided our every need through miraculous ways...God with us!   

May brought the beginning of chemo treatments and the beginning of new strength and energy...God with us!  Summer brought some return to normalcy in our life, we said goodbye to Jeff’s parents and began fending for ourselves again.  As summer drew to a close we were uncertain how to get our youngest children to and from school and a Royal Ranger commander stepped in with the gift of a powered chair to enable me to “walk” with them...God with us!  The Fall has been a time of much improvement in energy and stamina...God with us!

You see, even though my body was going through the most difficult struggle of my life, God was supplying our needs through His people.  His followers were showing His love for us in all that they did.  Never have I had such a more difficult year but never have I felt God's love and presence more.   How could my soul not say "All that is within me cries For You alone be glorified: Emmanuel, God with us. "

Your Response
Even if you have not seen God's hand as clearly in your life as you think you should, you can still rest assured that He is with you and working behind the scenes for your life and His glory.  Focus not on what you are going through but what good things you see happening.  Thank God for all He has brought you through and for all He is going to do.

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  1. Belinda,
    This brought tears to my eyes, but warmth to my heart. Beautiful and uplifting!