Sunday, March 31, 2013

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 13-Happy Resurrection Day!

Hallelujah!  He is Risen!  This day is by far the most joyful of the year for me. Because my Christ was crucified, buried and risen from the dead, I can have eternal life through the repentance of my sin. 

Today's Inspired Stamps Gratitude card celebrates the beauty of the cross and the power of Christ over death, Hell and the grave.  The stamp is one of the $3.99 Single Scripture stamp:  Isaiah 30:15.  It is one that makes me think and tomorrow I will share my thoughts on it here. 

other supplies: CTMH paper, cardstock and ink. Recollections gemstone flourish, Cricut cuts (cross and journaling spot), resin flower and bird charm from stash

Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Everything!

What is up with God's Word and these words that don't leave any room for wavering?  Last week we talked about God working ALL things for good.  Not good things for good or some things for good or even most things for good.  Our Heavenly Father works out ALL.EVERY. good. bad.ugly thing for...good!  Then there is this week's scripture, "In EVERYTHING give thanks..."  Why??  Because..."this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus". 

Indisputable words again..."EVERY.ALL.good.bad.ugly thing...give thanks.  This means good times-thank Him, bad times-thank Him, health-thank Him, sickness-Thank Him.  Why?  Because He will work it ALL out for the good of those who love Him.  He will, He promises.  I have seen Him do it, ALWAYS and EVERY time.

God loves you my friend, thank Him in everything and someday it will all be worked out for good by your Father God.

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 12

I must apologize for not having this posted 1st thing Sunday morning!  I don't know what happened to my brain but it obviously had a glitch:)

This is week 12 of our Gratitude journey at Inspired Stamps and we hope you are enjoying these Sundays together.  The real prize is the spiritual experience each of you will have as you continue giving thanks to your Creator!  However, we do have a prize drawing for those who post their gratitude artwork on the Inspired Stamps blog. If you haven't started, why not start this week?(you do not have to use our stamps to post)  Just upload your creation to the Inspired Stamps FACEBOOK WALL or to the Mr Linky link each week at Inspired Stamps.

We will be choosing someone who posts in March randomly to win a Spellbinders Die set and an Inspired Stamp set!  Please come back to my blog as i share my thoughts on this scripture.

supplies: Inspired Stamps $3.99 stamp, Heidi Swapp Color Magic Large Tag, Heidi Swapp  Color Magic Butterfly, HS Color Shine Tropicana Teal and Primrose, CTMH Paper, Card Base, Ink and Color Ready Ribbon

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musing, Good in ALL Things?

Do you believe that God's Word is Truth?  Do you trust that God loves you and only wants His best for you?  Then this scripture should be a piece of cake to believe!  Not!  

These words are often shared with those who are in the midst of pain and grief with all the best intentions.  However, it is hard to understand or even want to believe these words when your heart is torn in two and your world is turned upside down.  It would be better to have these words ingrained in your spirit from childhood and then to recall and stand on them when those bad days come. 

I am one of those blessed ones whose parents did make sure I had His Word in my heart from a young age.  They also lived out those words in front of me and showed true faith in a God who promised to work ALL things for my GOOD.  Now, this scripture does have a disclaimer that states He will do this for "those who love Him and are called by Him".  That means I must be a sinner saved by grace and walking with Him in order for Him to carry out this promise.

Do I understand how God will turn losing a child into good?  No, I absolutely do not.  Can I comprehend the good in disease?  I can not understand with my own wisdom. What I do know is God sees FAR more than I do.  My mind is finite and His is infinite!  I view things in the present and He sees the beginning FROM the end.   I know God is love and truth and He will not harm His children. 

I can make these statements not only because of my parent's faith and experiences but because of my faith in the God who has shown me the truth in this scripture over the course of my 50 years of living. Just in my own life,  I have seen him  work the experiences of our rebellious teenager to good now that he is a youth pastor, I have seen him cause the mourning at losing the chance to adopt a child into joy of a miracle pregnancy.  He has given me peace and so much good in my disability. 

There are so many more examples I could share but I want you to remember what God has done for you. He loves you my friend and will work ALL things out for your good when you return that love!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 11

Here's another beautiful scripture stamp from Inspired Stamps for our 52 Weeks of Gratitude. If you joined in at the beginning of the year and made your own journal or other project and have found yourself  not keeping up, don't worry about it!  Just jump in again and join us this week.  We'd love for you to post your projects on the Inspired Stamps blog and you'll have a chance to win prizes!

I made this card using the Romans 8:28 stamp. These clear, polymer stamps make such a beautiful, crisp image with little effort.  I know this scripture is one that can be difficult to understand so I will share my perspective on it tomorrow on my Monday Musing.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun Products I'm Playing With!

Recently, I began working as an instructor at my local Michaels.  One of the fun things I get to do and am PAID for(!) is to demonstrate our scrapbooking products.  This Sunday  I will be showing customers the awesome Color Shine and Color Magic projects from Heidi Swapp!

These are 2 of the samples I made to show what can be done with the products.
 The card was made using a Color Magic Jumbo Tag sprayed with Color Shine Amethyst, Color Magic Ribbon sprayed with Amethyst and Chartreuse, file tab stickers and a rub-on.  The 3d stickers are by Recollections.
 The layout was based on one of the 101 Ideas from Heidi Swapp for Michaels.
For this, I used a a tiny bit of CM Ribbon, a sliver of a Color Magic File and Paper Butterflies all sprayed with Tropicana Teal and Primrose.  I also added a Polaroid Style Frame, a Pennant and a few bits of banner.  I'm loving the Scallop Fabric Border and spritzed Tropicana Teal on it.

If you are local, please stop in to see Heidi Swapp's Color Shine and me on Sunday from 1-3!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Using Fabric in Papercrafting

Bless the Lord!

This is such a joyful scripture and always leads me to singing the chorus, based on it, that came out when I was a teen.  I believe the Psalmist was filled with love and gratitude for His God when he penned this one.  

It is a short scripture but it is full of what lies in my heart as a believer.  My Lord is holy and is worthy to be praised and blessed regardless of what circumstance I am in.  My Lord is the creator of my soul and all that is within me, how can I do any less than to bless His name?  

I've heard it said before, if you can't praise Him here, how do you propose to do it for an eternity?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 10

Welcome to another week of gratitude with Inspired Stamps!  This week's scripture stamp is Psalm 103:1.  This is one of my favorite scriptures and is just filled with so much joy that it seemed to call out for happy and bright colors!  The tag placement is based on a card I saw on  Pinterest.

Are you joining us in this gratitude journey?  If so, post your projects on the Inspired Stamps blog!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Consider it Joy!

This scripture is one I have had many opportunities to ponder.  When I was young and life was free and easy, I never gave it much thought.  It was just one of those scriptures I grew up with and didn't question.  As life became more complicated and trials appeared, I had to dig a little deeper to live out this scripture.  

I am glad it doesn't say to "be happy" when you encounter various trials.  Or "put a smile on your face" when you encounter various trials.  Joy is completely independent of the fleeting feeling called happiness.  Joy does not require a smile at all times.  I have found joy is internal and allows me to live day to day with peace despite the circumstances.

Losing a loved one is not a time of happiness but can bring joy when you know they are in the presence of God.  Having a chronic disease will not make your heart happy but can bring joy in the knowledge that our Lord will walk with us on our worst days and provide endurance to live through the struggle.  Losing a job is not a happy circumstance but can be a time of learning the joy of God's provision.

God has not asked us to be happy in our trials but rather to trust in Him and have faith in Him.   The joy comes when you realize He's got your back!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 9

Can you believe we are beginning our THIRD month of gratitude at Inspired Stamps?!  I am thankful we will be entering warm Spring months very soon!

Our first scripture stamp of the month is James 1:2.  This is a scripture that can be so difficult to comprehend and I will share my thoughts on it on my Monday Musing tomorrow. 

I know I have said it before but it bears repeating-these clear stamps from Inspired Stamps are so easy to use in all my projects that call for scripture.  The price of $3.99 for a single 2x2 stamp is also AMAZING!  Be sure to check out the rest of the uses of this stamp at the Inspired Stamps blog and while you are there, post your own 52 Weeks of Gratitude art!