Monday, April 1, 2013


Strength is something I never thought much about before multiple sclerosis.  In fact, I was pretty proud of the fact that most people saw me as a strong woman. I was seldom ill and rarely at the doctor outside of routine check ups.   I didn't usually have to wait around for hubby to arrive home to move furniture.  I worked full time and took care of 3 young sons.  Rest was not something I found time for in my daily routine.

And no one would have called me quiet.  Quiet?  Are  you kidding me?  In a house of 3 rambunctious boys?  Never!  In fact, there was a day when I yelled to my boys, "I just want a little peace and quiet!", and without missing a beat my 3 year old yelled back, "No!  I want a piece of loud!".  Oh my!  I had to be strong to deal with that! 

But then came the days when my foot began to drag, my legs became weak and my body wanted to rest all the time.  My physical strength was gone, my spirit was weary and I had to admit that I was weak.  There was no hiding the cane, the walker and then the wheelchair.  My strong image was gone. 

But, thank God, I knew that God promised in His Word that if I waited on Him, I would soar with eagle's wings.  He promised that in my weakness, He would be made strong.  Then there is Isaiah 30:15 that says when I repent and sit in quietness and trust in Him, I will find strength.  Maybe not physical strength but I will find the strength that really matters.  The strength to persevere.  The strength to live each day.  The strength to place an uncertain future into the hands of a God who is certain..  The strength to say I am at peace and all is well in my soul.

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