Monday, April 29, 2013

Sacrifice of Praise

My beautiful mother celebrated her 86th birthday on Sunday surrounded by all 5 children and their spouses as well as grandchildren, great-grandchildren, her "baby" sister and brother-in-law.  Her life has not always been easy and definitely not perfect but she will be the first to tell you that God has always been faithful to her and she has much to be thankful for. 

This scripture tells us to offer thanks and praise to God, but it does not mean to just give a perfunctory "thanks" or a silent praise in our minds.  No, it specifies the praise should be sacrificial and uttered with our mouth.  My mother has lived out this scripture through the heartbreak of losing a baby daughter. She still served Him after the loss of my father's business.  She thanked Him for life in the midst of breast cancer. 

Mom's life has included times of depression, sadness and questioning but I have never seen her waiver in giving God the praise for joy, provision and healing.  Her example of steadfast faith in a sovereign God is part of what has allowed me to live with hope despite my circumstance. 

Sacrificial praise is saying to God, "you have allowed the good and the bad into my life to mold me and shape me into the instrument you want me to be and whether I am rich or poor, healthy or sick, joyful or mournful, I will praise your Name and give you thanks."   My mom has showed her family this type of praise throughout our lives and even now as age ravages the body and strokes ravage the mind, she still praises her Creator and gives Him praise with her lips.  No greater legacy could she offer her family!

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