Saturday, March 24, 2012

Remodeling the Dining Room

This is our dining room before we started remodeling it this year.  Cozy, comfy and country.  Apparently my husband has hated my favorite blue and white color scheme for 11 years without telling me!  He suggested a new bold color scheme of red, black and gray.  Since it meant a new kitchen as well, I said yes:)

Here's the same corner after.  We haven't finished the floor or putting in the wainscoting at the bottom.  That corner cabinet used to be blue and white.  I painted it charcoal and then lined it with scrapbook paper and ribbon.

This is the gray wall with our new clock from Hobby Lobby.  It's embossed metal and I love it!  This will be a slow remodel as we are only buying materials as we can afford it and not using credit for anything.  Stay tuned!

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