Sunday, March 18, 2012

Get Ready To Bloom!

I am sharing an abbreviated Devotional this week due to my being out of town for Spring Break.  Bless you!

The Texas wildflowers are beginning to bloom in North Texas.  Soon they will be in full bloom despite our extremely warm winter.  The beautiful bluebonnets that blanket the roadsides and pastures this time of year remind me of an important truth.

The bluebonnets can normally be relied upon to bloom every March but a few years ago, you would have been hard pressed to find one small blue-purple bloom of the Texas state flower or even one stroke of the vibrant orange Indian Paintbrush.  We were smack dab in the middle of a drought and those hearty bursts of color weren’t about to poke their heads out of the hardened, packed dirt of the Texas countryside.  
Many thought the flowers had all been killed by the lack of moisture.  Some were concerned the blooms would not be seen for years to come.  But God sent a little moisture the following Fall and early Spring.  That little bit of nourishing rain  allowed the seeds that lay dormant, the previous year, to burst into a lush carpet of color.  This year's blooms appear as though they will be spectacular.

What’s the lesson I discovered in this beautiful season?  When your soul lies dormant and when it seems your purpose and ministry is dying from thirst, just hold on through this season and remember who we serve.  God hasn’t forsaken you and hasn’t given up on you.  This could just be a time for you to wait on the Lord so you will be ready for Him to use you in a mighty way in the next season of your life.  Get ready to BLOOM!

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