Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Stix

Hello all!  Thank you to everyone who joined in on the Veteran's Day Blog Hop on Thursday.  It was great to "meet" some new followers and "see" some old friends. I think I added 20 followers and I'm so thankful!  I am up to 52 and would like to hit 100 by New Year's.  Why?  It's just nice to know there are kindred crafters out in the wide world who take a look at what I am posting.  On that same note-I LOVE your comments!  Thank you to all those who took the time to do so-I felt warm all day Thursday from the kind words.

Now, what have I been up to?  Craft shows and making all the stuff to sell there.  I am one of those old fashioned gals who still believe a "craft" show should have handmade CRAFTS (or at least Cricutmade-hee hee).  Really, it saddens me to watch folks buy "made in China" cra_ at a Craft show.  Now stepping down off my soapbox.

My best sellers by far were these little M & M stixs. I did not come up with the idea but found it on the consultant's message board for CTMH.

 I welded 2 turkeys from the Cricut cartridge "Designer's Calendar" together and cut in CTMH chocolate Cardstock.  For most of them I then cut a single turkey out of Thanksgiving patterned paper I had left over from last year.  A few I just left plain and sanded the cardstock to show the detail.  I typed out the cute sentiment on my computer and just printed and trimmed.  The most time consuming part was stacking the M&Ms(and keeping them away from the hubby)!  I used 1x8 bags from  Once you have the first one manipulated in the bag it gets easier to stack them.  I used a blunt wooden skewer to open the bag and slide them down and poke into place.  Then I folded over and sealed the bag, leaving a little space at the top to staple the turkey to.  I also made some Christmas ones (which I did NOT get a good pic of).  Again, I pretty much sold all 100 that I made.  Now I'll need to make more for family and friends!

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  1. those are so cute and I'm sure you will 100 ASPA! Congrats