Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings- Life is Hard, But God

Belinda Kersey - 8/20/2006

God’s Word
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

My Thoughts
A few days before my diagnosis, I sang this song at church. As I previously stated,  I didn't know there was anything seriously wrong with me. I just believed I was a worn out working mom and wife.  The song truly spoke to where I was at the time and I felt it would minister to many more moms and others who lived a frazzled life. The song says "you turn the key and close the door behind you, drop your bags on the floor. You reach for the light but there is darkness deep inside and you can't take it anymore. Cause sometimes living takes the life out of you but sometimes living is all you can do." Have you been there-ALL you can do is live, because your body keeps going and drags your soul along with it. The chorus continues "Life is hard, the world is cold. You're barely young and then you're old. But every fallen tear is always understood. Life is hard, but God is good." 

Wow, those 3 words-God is Good-make a change in my outlook and spirit every time I repeat them. No matter what is going on in this cold, hard world, GOD IS GOOD. If we could just get that into our very fiber we would know that all the junk in our lives is just that-meaningless junk.

Unfortunately, at that point in my life, I focused on “life is hard” and forgot no matter what the circumstances-God is good!  The song does not say “life is hard AND God is good”, it says “life is hard BUT God is good.”  My Aunt Lucille always said , if you remember those two words “BUT GOD” in all circumstances, you will realize He rules over and overrules the circumstances of every child of God. You can lose a loved one BUT GOD is with you; you can be in pain BUT GOD is holding you in His arms; you can be flat broke BUT GOD will provide.

The next verse in the song says "You start to cry cause you've been strong for so long. But that's not how you feel. You try to pray but there is nothing left to say, so you just quietly kneel. And in the silence of all that you face, God will give you His mercy and grace. Jesus, never said it was an easy road to travel, He only said that He would help you see it through. When your last thread of hope begins to come unraveled-don't give up, He'll walk beside you on this journey home. And He knows-life is hard....but God is good." 

Oh, if we could just SEE He is right beside us, walking every step of this journey and this journey in its good times and bad is a journey HOME where we will forget the worries we had on this earth. One thing about the second verse really stands out to me is where it talks about being strong for so long, but not really feeling it. One thing MS caused me to do was to admit how very weak I am. I always seemed strong, organized, together, whatever-inside I was crying. All moms know you've got to keep it together, keep it looking good. God says-"stop it, you are weak, I am strong, let ME take that load for you so you can walk on." In MY weakness, HE is strong.
Remember-Life is hard....BUT GOD IS GOOD.

Your Response
Even if you feel there is nothing left to say to the Lord, you can still sit quietly in His presence.  He will meet you whenever and wherever you call on Him.  Just take a few moments to try this.  If all you can utter is the name of Jesus then,  friend, that is more than enough

The Song
“Life is Hard, God is Good” sung by Pam Thum


  1. Belinda, I am so tired--tired of not feeling well. Tired of this endless new York Winter. Tired of my family being so caught up in their own stuff that they can't see mine. Tired of the Christmas lights and tree still being up, since I can't take them down, and no one else seems to care. I try to lose myself in creating things and organizing things, but, deep down, the tired is still there.
    I always listen to your songs quietly, with my eyes closed so I'm not distarcated from the message of the music. When I started this song, it was grey and cold outside, and snow was falling--again. As I listened by the window, through closed eyes, there came a golden glow and I felt a warmth spread over me. In the back of my mind, I thought, "How nice. The sun's peeking out!" and continued listening to the beautiful song. I felt at peace, but knew, when I was done, I would stil be tired.
    And then, an everyday miracle happened. The song ended, and I kept my eyes closed for a few more seconds, then opened them, fully expecting to see the sun trying to shine through the grey. It had felt so warm and soothing as I was listening. When I opened my eyes, the sky was still grey and it was still snowing. I know God gave me those few, warm, golden minutes to rest and I'm not quite so tired now. Thank you so much for sharing this part of yourself. You are loved.

  2. Thank you Karel for letting me know that what I've written is touching you. I am praying that this week will be one of refreshing for you.

  3. B~
    After a terrible week, this was just what I needed to begin my week, anew. Like Karel, I also felt so tired. Just mentally and physically exhausted. Your message and song lifted my soul, and I just felt brighter, at peace. Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts and words. Thank you for your ministry and your friendship.
    Love you my friend!

  4. Belinda, I wrote this a few days ago; I knew the answer all along, but you said it perfectly:

    "Fragile. I hate feeling fragile. I have always been strong. Strong and determined. Could one be fragile and determined? I suppose so, although it seems an odd combination to me.

    The fragility has crept up on me; crept in a manner so that I did not know I was fragile until I was.

    It wasn’t like a hurt, where one would be fine one moment, then hurt the next. The way I became fragile probably doesn’t matter, because in the moment, I am."

    With love, and yes God is Good. I know because you are my friend.

  5. Belinda,

    Beautiful! Now that I've found you, I look forward to future visits.

    Much love,