Friday, January 7, 2011

First Video-Wings LO

OK, so I know this isn't the greatest but it is my FIRST ever and so please be kind:-)  I will work on a "real" video soon!  Constructive criticism welcome here:-)


  1. B~
    I really enjoyed the video. Your layout is so beautiful. I like that you showed all the products you used, and the how to's. I especially loved that butterfly! Gorgeous! All the elements fit perfectly. I hope your cold goes away soon! Looking forward to the next video. Hugs!

  2. What a wonderful video!! I'd never have known it was your first!! I've been thinking about doing this, but can't figure out how to format the SD card in the camera! I'm so inspired by you, though, that I may have to try once more. I love the layout you made and your how-tos are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing! karelj at http;??

  3. Wow - Belinda - you are brave! Great job, and I too would have never known it was your first. Can't wait for more (and I love your accent!)

  4. Belinda,, love your video, does the spray stuff dry fast ? may have to look into it. do you have a book ?