Saturday, September 22, 2012

Embellishment Organization

 OK, I heard you all loud and clear-photo please!  I knew I would need to post a photo of my new organization system but was pleasantly surprised to see how many of  you actually READ my post:) and requested photos!  Thank you for letting me know I am not just throwing words into a vast black whole!

Anyhoo-this is my new system for organizing my embellishments.  I must say I have used more of my stash in the last couple of weeks than I had in the last few months!  Also, it takes up far less room than having everything in its own spot.  I simply took 12x12 clear cases and corralled everything by color-there's a jar of flowers, a jar of brads and buttons and a case of sparkles and tiny embellies but the rest is just tossed in the case-ribbon, journaling cards, stickers, etc.  Each case is by color-red, pink, blue, green, brown, white, yellow/orange, black/silver.  I am lucky enough that I found this unit that holds 5 cases on an "as is" table at Michael's a while back for $10!!!  It was missing a case-Yeah Me!.  The 3 drawer unit on top is full of my adhesives, tools and other necessities.  Then on top of that is 3 more cases of embellies.  This sits right next to my workspace.

I have always created projects by starting with color so this makes it incredibly quick to find what I need.  Another benefit is I can quickly see what colors I need to add to (yellow/orange) and what color I need to stop buying for now (PINK).  And it has made me branch out and use colors I neglect.  Before I had shelves of jars with buttons by color, flowers by color, drawers of sparkles by color, ribbon in drawers, etc.  And everything was all over the room.  I love the compact storage and that is within reach.  Hope this helps someone and that it was understandable.  Blessings!!

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