Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Musing Rewind-"My Shield"

Belinda Kersey 2007 (originally posted in Feb 2011)

God’s Word
Psalm 3:1-2 says “O Lord, how many are my foes!  How many rise up against me!  Many are saying of me, “God will not deliver him”.”

My Thoughts
Notice David is not asking God “how many?”, he is telling him “GOD, do you see HOW MANY?!” I didn’t notice this Psalm until our choir sang a song based on this passage.  The first time I heard these words, set to music, I was deeply touched and could feel each word pierce my soul.
The song interprets it this way:  “Many are they increased, that trouble me, many are they that rise up against me.  Many there be which say of my soul, “there is no help for him in God”.”
On my very worst days I have that very litany playing in my mind.  MANY are against me, MANY are upsetting my life, MANY say there’s no help, no cure for me. But thank God the Psalm, the song and my litany do not stop there.  The all important six letter phrase follows: BUT GOD.  The song says “BUT THOU OH LORD, are a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head.”   

All of the ten or so versions of the scripture, I looked up, interpret the phrase this way…”But you are a shield AROUND me.”  Now, we have all learned from childhood that a shield is something you hold in front of you.  When the word “shield” is spoken, I automatically picture a Roman soldier’s shield or a royal Knight’s jousting shield.  But read the word I capitalized one more time.  It says “AROUND”.  Now, I can’t picture the Lord jumping around me holding one little shield.  If He did, then important areas would be left vulnerable.  No, it says AROUND me. 

It also says “you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.”  When you see someone using a shield in a battle scene, they really aren’t holding their head up too high above that shield because then their head would be vulnerable.  But the scripture says He lifts up my head.
Now that I have seen the movie “The Incredibles”, I can replace the shield picture in my mind.  The daughter in the movie protects her family from the enemy with a clear, impenetrable bubble that encircles them.  They are protected on ALL sides by this shield.  That, my friend, is how I now see God’s shield.  He SURROUNDS me, is AROUND me, and has me ENCIRCLED in his protection.  Because I am invincible with his shield, I can lift my head high to face the accuser and the tormentor.  
I can “cry to the Lord with my voice” and He will hear me and answer me from “his holy hill”.  I can lie down to sleep and awake again because the “Lord sustains me”.  I will not fear the tens of thousands drawn up against me on every side”  because the Lord is a shield AROUND me.

Your Response
Picture an impenetrable, clear bubble encircling you, your family and your home.  Thank God for His protection.  Praise Him for being mightier than your enemies.  Lift your head to heaven and proclaim He is your shield and defender against every foe that comes your way. 

The Song
“Thou, Oh Lord”  words and music by Lisa Ireland

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