Sunday, June 10, 2012

From the Summit to the Valley at the Speed of Life!

Hello to anyone who has taken the time to stop by today.  I expected to have a new devotional to post today but the last several days have been a roller coaster of  events and emotions.  Our middle son graduated from high school a week ago Saturday night.  We had so much fun celebrating his achievement with tons of friends and family.  Lots of smiles, laughter and happy tears.
After our celebration weekend was over, we attempted to relax and rest.  At least I did-hubby returned to work and the graduate was busy writing thank you notes and filling out applications for summer jobs.  On his way to apply for jobs on Thursday, he was in the wrong place when a driver decided to enter a busy highway without being able to see around the 18 wheeler that was stopped and trying to turn. My son did not have time to even hit the breaks before he hit the other driver's front fender and skidded across 4 lanes of traffic.  THANK GOD there was no on-coming traffic, his airbag deployed and he had on a seat belt.  He came out safe and sound except for a broken wrist caused by the airbag.  The other driver did receive the citation and was clearly at fault.  Now to deal with all the red tape of getting the insurance to pay and pay fairly so that he can find a replacement car.

We are so thankful he is alive and well and that God prevented this from being a tragedy.  Unfortunately, that same night we received the sad word that a lifelong friend of ours passed away from a heart attack that same afternoon.  She was a beautiful, Christian wife and mom who was only 41. So, as my title states, life had us soaring on the heights and plunging to the depths of emotions this week.  We have learned time again that you never know what a day holds but I can say without a doubt God holds my days!

I covet your prayers for our friend's husband and 2 daughters (18 and 3).  I also ask for your prayers for our son to heal quickly, be able to find a job and to have all the insurance red tape to be cleared away.  At this point I do not know when I will resume my Monday Musings, just please keep checking in and I might surprise you with one soon!

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