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Belinda Kersey 7/17/07
God’s Word
Hebrews 13:8 NIV “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

My Thoughts

Bob and Debbie were the most influential ministers in my life during the confusing teenage years. They challenged my intellect as well as my spirit and created a desire in me to walk with the Lord in a complete relationship, not just in a religion of habit.

As so often happens, we lost touch when they returned to their native Colorado. A few years ago I was compelled to contact my former youth pastor and his wife. I was able to get their e-mail address and reconnect. I was so glad I made the effort to reach them because I was able to let them know how influential they were in my walk with the Lord. Also, at the time I contacted Bob, I discovered they had been going through their own medical minefield and had also experienced great loss.

Bob had lost both parents and a brother within a nine month time period, Bob had battled cancer and was doing so again. It was so refreshing and encouraging to me that those who had taught me so much about faith in my youth were still true to that faith even in the face of such sorrow as well as dire predictions by the physicians. At one point in Bob’s testing and uncertainty, Debbie shared how personally meaningful the following words were to them. “You are God alone from before time began you were on Your throne, you are God alone. And right now in the good times and bad you are on Your throne you are God alone. Unchangeable, Unshakable, Unstoppable that’s what You are".

It is so easy to forget in our times of crisis that nothing can change who God is, how God acts or what God can do. Absolutely nothing that occurs on this planet catches Him by surprise. He knew from before time began that Bob and Debbie would repeatedly face cancer and go through a time of traumatic loss. God was on His throne as Bob faced physical pain and bombardment on every side by the enemy.
Even in their time of deepest fear, they were able to sing this song and mean every word. They continued to minister as Senior Pastors when others may have felt justified to step aside. God provided His unchangeable, unshakeable and unstoppable love and sustaining power. They knew God could heal Bob with a blink of His eye and they would glorify Him. But they also would glorify Him if his healing did not come.

Today, Bob and Debbie are glorifying God in their Colorado home, a home that Bob built with his own hands. Hands that were willing to praise God in his trial and hands that now praise God in healing. Bob and Debbie know that in the good times and bad God will be on His throne ready to provide whatever his children need to sustain them through their circumstances. No matter what time it is on earth and in our lives, God is the same and nothing will stop Him, change Him or shake Him.

Your Response

Tell the God of the Universe how awesome and mighty He is. Tell Him you worship His majesty and glory. Thank Him for the good times He has given you and thank Him for being with you during this time of trouble.

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