Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Mighty Spirit Walks for a Cure

God has been good to me, sustains me and gives me hope and peace.  My life is good and I am surrounded by friends and family who support and love me.  Most of all, I have a husband who is faithful, loving and my rock! But I do live every day with a MonSter.

Yesterday marked the 8th time my team, Mighty Spirit, has entered the MS Walk of Fort Worth.  That means this year will mark 10 years that I have lived with multiple sclerosis and 9 years that I have lived in a wheelchair.  Multiple Sclerosis is a MonSter of a disease that has many symptoms that affect one individual living with the disease in very different ways from others living with it.  It also may affect an individual differently at different times of their life.   Mine causes major weakness in my lower body but started with major fatigue and difficulty seeing (both symptoms disappeared several years ago praise God!).  Another person may have near or total blindness, speech difficulties, numbness in varying parts of the body, problems with cognition, the list goes on. 

The goal of the National MS Society is to eradicate this disease that now affects children and adults alike.  I have 30 more days to raise funds to count for this year's MS Walk.  If you are able, please donate today by going HERE.  If not, please pray that a cure is found soon!

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