Monday, April 25, 2011

Free to Dance

Belinda Kersey July 20, 2008

God’s Word
“Christ has liberated us into freedom. Therefore stand firm and don't submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

My Thoughts
As I sang this song in joy, I looked out across the congregation. Unfortunately, it appeared some did not seem to share my exuberance for God’s freedom. I know I shouldn’t judge what is in the heart of the people who sat with arms folded while the choir and worship team and most of the congregation sang with thankfulness for our freedom in Christ. But I couldn’t help but think those folks couldn’t possibly know the meaning of the words to the song.

How can you sit still when it is proclaimed “I am free to run, and I am free to dance. I am free to live for You. I am free, yes, I am free!” I want to jump from my wheelchair every time I hear this song. In the privacy of my home, when “I Am Free” comes on the radio, I will make sure my wheelchair is behind me and there’s something I can lean on in front of me, then I will stand for a few seconds at a time and sing this song at the top of my lungs. I do not have to sit in my chair and lament all that I can’t do. I can sing before God and call out to Him the things He has enabled me to do and the things He will enable me to do. In Christ I am free to run. To run in my spirit straight into His sustaining arms until the day I can run tall and on my own.

To the human eye it must be quite a sight to see me in a bent stance, with arms out to catch myself lest I fall, while I sing my head off. I hope to God’s eye it is pleasing to see me stand in faith. I pray the enemy sees my defiance in the face of disease. This wheelchair does not keep me from the greatest freedom of all. I am free to live for Christ no matter what state I am in. If I find myself bedridden and unable to move, I will still be free to pray to Him and to praise Him.
I let God know I am positive “through You the blind will see, through You the mute will sing, through You the dead will rise. Through You all hearts will praise, through You the darkness flees, through You my heart screams 'I am free'”. I add my own words, words I know will happen soon, “through You the lame will walk!”

Dear friend, we have freedom in Christ no matter what chains seem to bind our feet. I can dance in my wheelchair as I proclaim my freedom in the hands of a mighty God. In my heart I am running in the freedom of Christ. I can live every second he has given me for His glory no matter what condition I am in.
He is the God of miracles! He opens blind eyes and breathes a voice into the one who was mute. He lifts the lame to their feet and death trembles when he walks by. I’ve heard it said that Jesus had to use Lazarus’ name when he commanded him to come out of the tomb because if he hadn’t, every dead soul in that burial place would have risen! That is the kind of powerful freedom our Lord offers! His voice brings life to death and brings freedom to the bound!

Some of the most meaning filled songs are so very simple. This song consists of a handful of words but it evokes vast amounts of emotion in my soul. Although I am physically dependent on this wheelchair, I have made this a song of declaration. When I sing this song, I am speaking the things that don’t appear to be possible as though they are fact. Someday, I know they will be.

In Christ, I am free to dance. To dance in my innermost being before Him from the sheer joy of being His child. One of these days, through Him, the darkness of this disease will flee and I will stand tall and healed through His freedom. One day I will join countless others and dance before His throne.

Your Prayer
Declare your freedom today from whatever binds you. Speak in faith that you are free from________.

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