Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Piggy Flu

Well, despite ordering my sons to NOT get the flu, Kale has now been officially diagnosed with Type A flu.  The pediatrician is "pretty sure" it's the infamous H1N1 and because he has mild asthma she has put him on Tamiflu.  She also put me on it since I have MS.  Interesting thing is I was certain it could NOT be the flu since he only had a sore throat and fever.  Guess what-you don't have to have body aches and pains to have the flu.

So, now we hunker down, push fluids and Motrin and pray it passes quickly and with little difficulty.  In many ways I have felt so inept as the "nurse mom" ever since I became disabled.  Thank God the boys rarely have been sick over the last 8 years. But, when they are, I feel so inadequate.  I can't get in their bathroom if they need me there because the door is too narrow.  If they need something out of my reach then they have to get up off their "sick bed" and get it.  I also try not to bombard myself with the "what if I get their illness" thoughts.  Any fever in me makes me too weak to move.

So, once again I am reminded that I am all too human.  I think everyone should be reminded of that truth frequently. The more we can face and admit our frailty and our inadequacies, the more we can turn to the One who is our ever present help and our all-sufficient One.  God is my strength in weakness.  God holds my family in His never failing grip!

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