Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life Gets in the Way

Our sweet 15 year old has broken his arm for the 3rd time in 53 weeks!  He had just slid into 3rd base at his 1st scrimmage game of the year when a ball rocketed from home plate and struck him in the arm.  He immediately knew it was broken and headed for the dugout while his coach yelled at him to get back on base and the 3rd baseman tried to tag him out! 

Everyone soon realized why he was heading in and in total disbelief that this was happening again, we headed to the hospital.  We were thankful there was an off duty paramedic at the game to help stabilize his arm for the ride.  Once again, he had to have surgery on the same arm and bones that had healed only months before.

Needless to say, I come to you today without a devotional.  I will do my best to gather my wits and get back in the groove this week.  He returns to school tomorrow.  We covet your prayers for his healing.

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