Saturday, September 26, 2009


How bittersweet today was at the baseball field.  My youngest played his first game on the last field of his Little League years.  It seems such a short time ago that he began as a t-baller and in the last 9 years he has made his way all around the park to the Pony field.  It was even more poignant to watch my oldest son help his dad coach this team because he has been gone from the Pony fields as a player for 8 years now!  It is good to know that we have successfully (for the most part!) navigated the treacherous waters of the teen years with one son but now there's two more behind him.  I know God in his infinite wisdom will give us the tools we need to raise our last two sons to responsible adulthood but it just shocks me how quickly that they will be gone.  Guess by then I'll be sitting at the t-ball field watching my granddaughter!

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